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ALT Photographe Privacy Policy

1. What is a photography portfolio?

A photography portfolio is a collection of photographs taken by a photographer to showcase their skills and style. At ALT Photographe, we create wedding and portrait photography portfolios for our clients. Our portfolios are a way for our clients to view our work and decide if we are the perfect choice for their next project.

2. Why do we need your personal data?

We may need personal data for a number of reasons, for example: i) to comply with legal obligations, ii) to provide you with the service you have chosen to receive from us, iii) to monitor and analyze performance , the operation and effectiveness of our service and iv) to improve your user experience.

3. Cookies used on the ALT Photographe website

We use cookies to improve the usability of our website, for example by remembering site preferences and language settings. We do not share cookie data with third parties.

4. How to manage cookies?

To find out more about our use of cookies and how to manage your cookie preferences, please see our Cookies Policy. You can change your cookie settings at any time by clicking on the 'Manage Cookies' link at the bottom of our website.

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